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You can ask your question during my presentation at Ubicomp 2019 with the following link: live questions


You can test Toccata at Our demonstration work with Firefox and Chrome/Chromium. It was not tested with Edge or Internet Explorer. Unexpected behaviour may happen with Safari due to memory restriction on this browser.

If you have any question about the tool or the demonstration, feel free to contact me at valentin[at]lachand[dot]fr


We present Toccata, a system that facilitates the management of rich multi-device pedagogical activities. Through interviews with high school teachers, we identified a set of barriers to conducting digital activities in schools: setup time, network problems, difficulties in following and changing plans as activities unfold. We designed and developed Toccata to support the planning of pedagogical activities (scripting), seamless sharing of content and collaboration across people and devices, live management of activities in the classroom, roaming for situations outside classrooms, resumption across sessions, and resilience to unstable network conditions. We deployed Toccata in three classes, over seven teaching sessions, involving a total of 69 students. Together, these deployments show that Toccata is a generic solution for managing multi-device activities in schools. We reflect on how Activity Based Computing principles support Orchestration in Toccata, and discuss the design opportunities it creates such as better awareness of learners’ activity, micro-orchestration techniques for enabling teachers to better control devices in classrooms, or supporting reflective practices of teachers.

Paper [pdf]

Presentation [pdf]